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You are not required to answer the following questions to win, but it will be fun if you participate as we have some plans for this information in the future!

How many sewing machines do you own?

What brands of Machine do you use?

How long have you been sewing?

What is your favorite thread or use for thread?

Do you have any unique sewing tips?

What is your worst epic sewing fail?

What is your favorite sewing tip or tool?

What Sewing Sewlebrity do you wish you could meet or spend a day sewing with?

Is your birthday December 27th?

Next we have some fun questions about Joi!

Have you liked Joi’s verified page on Facebook  Designer Joi Mahon?

Did you know Joi has a really great blog

If you could ask Designer Joi one thing what would it be - anything?

What instrument does Joi play?

What is Joi's favorite color?

May we use your answers in social media using only your first name and state?


No purchase necessary. Continental US only at this time. Contest opens  October 1, 2016, official prizes and model numbers will be announced at the Sewing Factory Grand Opening November 19th, 2016 and will be updated on the website at this time. Entry forms will be open until December 22th, 2016 when the entry form will close. Prize drawings will happen on December 27th, 2016 during a Face Book Live session held at The SEWING FACTORY- need NOT be present to win, however, if you want to join us for cake send us an email. (We reserve the right to reschedule if winter weather issues arise- we are in IOWA after all.) In the case of a reschedule we will post information on the website and social media of alternate day and time. Sponsors reserve the right to substitute a prize if the listed item is not available. No cash value will be given. One prize per person. Prizes will be drop shipped directly to winner for sponsors. Continental US only at this time,  An additional prize will be given to one member of ASG. Official ASG membership will be confirmed prior to shipping the prize.
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